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Medicare Supplement Premium Comparisons

This is a free service provided by the Kentucky Department of Insurance. It is used to find the estimated premium rate for your Medicare Supplement plan.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the blanks below and click "search". Based on the information you select, you will see a list of companies and can see the yearly premium for each by clicking on each company's name.

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Additional Medicare Info

Standard Plans: There are 11 Standard plans defined as A through L. Each plan offers a different standardized set of benefits with Plans A-D,HdF,F,G and K-N.

SELECT Plans: The benefits are the same as the Standard Plans, except SELECT Plans may require a member to use specific providers, primarily hospitals, to receive maximum benefits. Rates are often lower for this type of coverage.

Note: Not all companies offer all 11 Standard or SELECT Plans

Consumer tips, worksheets, and general information of the new Medicare Supplement Guide in Kentucky is available in PDF format.

Medigap Benefits Information. (PDF) External Link
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Disclaimer Statement

The Kentucky Department of Insurance compiled this information from rates quoted by the companies. Companies are not required to submit rates for the guide. Therefore not all companies that market in KY will be listed. The companies are responsible for accuracy. Please be aware that rates are subject to change. The consumer may consider contacting the company or a local insurance agent to verify rates.

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