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Consumer Alert: What You Need to Know about Ridesharing Programs    - 210K
KAIP and FAIR Plan Brochure    - 532K
How can they do that?    - 340K More Info
No-Fault Coverage Uncovered    - 2M
Household Inventory    - 236K
Kentucky FAIR Plan []  More Info
Kentucky Automobile Insurance Plan (KAIP) []  More Info
Auto and Home Insurance Guide with Disaster Guide and Premium Comparison    - 7M More Info
Title Insurance and Mortgage Guaranty Insurance    - 133K
Facts About Automobile and Homeowners/Renters Insurance    - 249K
Insuring Your Property Against Underground Mine Collapse    - 1M
A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving    - 171K More Info
Combating Auto Insurance Fraud    - 437K More Info
NAIC Consumer Alert: What Consumers Need to Know About Lender-Placed Insurance    - 115K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Don't Be a Crash Test Dummy    - 136K More Info
Consumer Awareness Announcement: Wind and Hail Deductibles    - 153K
A Consumer's Guide to Earthquake Insurance    - 439K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Steer Clear - Watch out for wildlife collisions    - 81K
Consumer Alert: Auto Insurance Deductible "Club"    - 311K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Up, Up and Away (Drone Insurance)    - 148K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Navigating Home-Sharing Rentals    - 61K
Household Inventory    - 236K
If disaster strikes will you be covered? []  More Info
Before & After The Storm    - 693K
A Consumer's Guide to Earthquake Insurance    - 439K
NAIC Consumer Alert - Disaster Planning for Small Businesses    - 149K More Info
National Flood Insurance Program - The Benefits of Flood Insurance Versus Disaster Assistance     - 371K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Flooding - Know your coverage, understand your risk    - 71K More Info
Frequently Asked Questions for Kentucky Health Cooperative Members    - 174K
Individual Health Insurance Service Area Map for 2018    - 726K More Info
Companies Selling in Kentucky’s Individual Market - 2019    - 116K More Info
Update: Open Enrollment for 2018    - 149K
Short-Term, Limited Duration Health Insurance    - 442K More Info
Insurance Benefit for Children With Autism    - 348K
Consumer Alert: Health Discount Plans    - 170K
Long-Term Care Partnership Frequently Asked Questions    - 188K
How Can I Keep My Health Insurance Coverage?    - 195K
Health Reform Glossary    - 946K
Health Insurance Reform in the 1990s: A Kentucky Historical Perspective    - 482K More Info
Health Coverage Portability (HIPAA)    - 222K More Info
An Employer's Guide to Group Health Continuation Coverage Under COBRA    - 472K More Info
An Employee's Guide to Health Benefits Under COBRA    - 709K More Info
Nursing Home Compare []  More Info
Cancer Insurance: Is it right for you?    - 203K
Kentucky Consumer Fact Sheet for Health Insurance    - 257K
Do you need help with the cost of prescription drugs?    - 305K
Home Health Quality Initiative []  More Info
Companies Selling Association, Large Group, Small Group and Individual Health Insurance in Kentucky    - 160K
Appealing a Denial From Your Health Benefit Plan - Expanded Version    - 349K
Appealing a Denial From Your Health Benefit Plan - A How-To Guide    - 48K
FAQs for Employees about COBRA Continuation Health Coverage    - 66K More Info
NAIC Consumer Alert: Understanding Air Ambulance Coverage    - 117K
A Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You    - 1M More Info
Long-Term Care Insurance Guide    - 4M
Annuity Buyer's Guide (Buyers Guide to Fixed Deferred Annuities with Appendix for Equity-Indexed Annuities) []  More Info
Annuity Buyer's Guide (Buyer’s Guide for Deferred Annuities - Fixed) []  More Info
Annuity Buyer's Guide (Buyer’s Guide for Deferred Annuities – Variable) []  More Info
Kentucky Consumer Guide to Understanding Life Settlements    - 146K
Life Insurance Buyer's Guide []  More Info
Consumer Alert: Annuities and Senior Citizens    - 178K
Tips on Finding Missing Life Insurance Policies    - 225K
Consumer Alert: Military Personnel - Deceptive and misleading life insurance sales practices    - 178K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Annuities and Veterans Pension Qualification    - 167K More Info
Annuity Buyer's Guide (Buyers Guide for Deferred Annuities) []  More Info
Medicare Supplement Guide    - 900K
Medicare & You    - 4M
Consumer Alert: Medicare Advantage - Know Before You Enroll!    - 80K
Choosing a Medigap Policy    - 764K More Info
Consumer Alert: Medicare Supplement Update    - 209K More Info
Baby Boomer Insurance Concerns    - 218K More Info
Division of Insurance Fraud Investigation    - 538K
Your Insurance Company's Financial Strength and You    - 399K
Credit Scoring: How Does it Affect You?    - 259K
Consumer Guide to Insurance for Young Adults    - 633K More Info
Consumer Alert: Understanding Your Insurance Policy    - 546K
For Your Records    - 294K
Emergency Response Team    - 213K
Understanding Your Privacy Rights    - 172K
Consumer Complaint Form and Instructions    - 252K
Consumer Alert: Loan Fee Scams    - 216K
NAIC Consumer Alert: Combining Your Insurance: Just got engaged? Don't forget to talk about insurance.    - 122K
Consumer Tips for Shopping on the Internet    - 510K
Cómo Poner una Queja del Consumidor    - 59K More Info
Hechos en cuanto al seguro de autos y para propietarios de viviendas/para el arrendatario    - 153K More Info
Temporada de Invierno y su Seguro    - 19K More Info
Persona de Tercera Edad: Eduquese sobre las Anualidades    - 20K More Info
Beneficiarios de Medicare: Alerta Contra Estafadores Vendiendo Plan de Medicamentos Parte D    - 21K More Info