Instructor Information
PR01429: Associated Healthcare Advisors dba Topcat
Experior Provider Number: S15641 
Provider Type: Independent
Certification Date: 2/1/2016

Address: PO Box 196717
4255 S. US Hwy 1792
Winter Springs, FL 32719
Contact: Sheila Beckendorf
Telephone: 407-831-7575
Termination Date: N/A

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Instructor DOI IDNameLOAStatusStatus DateInstructor Type
1115638 Jovic, Anita Health, Life Active 01/07/2021 Continuing Education
1116154 Larkey, Lauren Health, Life, Life and Health Active 01/12/2021 Continuing Education
1034777 Saunders, Jan Casualty, Ethics, General Insurance Principles, Health, Property and Casualty Active 04/15/2019 Continuing Education
1115639 Tutten, Pam Health, Life, Life and Health Active 01/07/2021 Continuing Education
913663 Williams, Teresa Ethics, General Insurance Principles Active 05/18/2016 Continuing Education

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