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The Unofficial WWW Version of the Kentucky Revised Statutes are published and maintained by the External SiteKentucky Legislative Research Commission. In order to view and or print many of the documents on the Legislative Research Commission's site you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. The Acrobat Reader is free and is available for various platforms.

CHAPTER 304 - Insurance Code
TITLE IX - Counties, Cities and Other Local Units   TITLE XI - Revenue and Taxation  
TITLE XVI - Motor Vehicles   TITLE XVIII - Public Health  
TITLE XXV - Business and Financial Institutions   TITLE XXVII - Labor and Human Rights  
TITLE XXXVII - Special Proceedings   Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR)  

TITLE IX - Counties, Cities and Other Local Units

CHAPTER 91A Finance and Revenue of Cities
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bullet [91A.080]:  License tax on insurance companies
bullet [91A.0802]:  Definitions for chapter
bullet [91A.0804]:  Exclusive remedy for adjustments relating to license fees or taxes imposed under KRS 91A.080
bullet [91A.0806]:  Verification of risk location systems and programs; administrative regulations
bullet [91A.0808]:  Local premium tax advisory council; members; purpose
bullet [91A.0810]:  Identification of amount of local government tax charged and taxing jurisdiction due tax; notice to policyholders

TITLE XI - Revenue and Taxation

CHAPTER 136 Corporation and Utility Taxes
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bullet [136.320]:  Tax on taxable capital of domestic life insurance companies in lieu of other taxes; state and local rates
bullet [136.330]:  Tax on premium receipts life insurance company; exception
bullet [136.335]:  Irrevocable election of method of taxation for domestic life insurance companies; time of filing
bullet [136.340]:  Tax on amounts paid to stock insurance companies, other than life
bullet [136.350]:  Tax on amounts to mutual companies, other than life and Lloyd's insurers
bullet [136.360]:  Tax on amounts paid to stock insurance, to defray cost of administering fire prevention and insurance laws
bullet [136.370]:  Tax on attorneys for exchange of reciprocal or interinsurance contracts; additional tax on premiums of stock insurers
bullet [136.377]:  Filing of declaration of estimated tax by company; payment; penalty
bullet [136.381]:  Reports and payments due notwithstanding dissolution or retirement
bullet [136.390]:  Tax on insurance companies other than stock or mutual
bullet [136.392]:  Premium surcharge
bullet [136.395]:  Hospital, medical or dental service companies exempt from premium tax
bullet [136.410]:  Tax on bail bondsmen fees
bullet [136.980]:  Penalty for delinquency in payment
bullet [136.985]:  Penalty for failing to file return
bullet [136.990]:  Penalties

CHAPTER 141 Income Taxes
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bullet [141.062]:  Premiums paid for health insurance to be treated as income tax credit
bullet [141.405]:  Tax credit for company approved for occupational or skills upgrade training program under KRS 154.12-2084 to 154.12-2089; administrative regulations

TITLE XVI - Motor Vehicles

CHAPTER 186A Automated Motor Vehicle Registration System
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bullet [186A.500]:  Legislative finding
bullet [186A.510]:  Definitions for KRS 186A.500 to 186A.550
bullet [186A.520]:  Salvage titles; conditions for issuance; operation of vehicle with salvage title
bullet [186A.525]:  Title for motor vehicle previously with branded title or salvage title
bullet [186A.530]:  Titles of rebuilt, water-damaged, and junk vehicles; insurance claim settlements for salvage vechicles; disclosure of title brand by owner or dealer; voidability of sale without disclosure; exemption; administrative regulations
bullet [186A.535]:  Title for classic motor vehicle project; administrative regulations
bullet [186A.540]:  Written disclosure of damages to motor vehicle
bullet [186A.550]:  Authority for administrative regulations to conform to federal requirement of uniformity, if imposed
bullet [186A.555]:  Titles of hail-damaged vehicles

TITLE XVIII - Public Health

CHAPTER 216 Health Facilities and Services
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bullet [216.2923]:  Health data collection powers and duties; transmitting information on insurance experience; cabinet advisory committee
bullet [216.2960]:  Pilot projects for twenty-four hour health coverage; authority for administrative regulations

TITLE XXV - Business and Financial Institutions

CHAPTER 299 Assessment or Cooperative Insurance
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bullet [299.010]:  Definitions and application
bullet [299.011]:  Assessment
bullet [299.015]:  Nature of policy to be stated on face
bullet [299.017]:  Effect of failure to operate for one year; termination of new licensing beginning July 15, 1998
bullet [299.019]:  Reporting and filing requirements
bullet [299.020]:  Companies deemed engaged in life or casualty insurance business upon the cooperative or assessment plan
bullet [299.030]:  Organization of a domestic company
bullet [299.040]:  Authorization of a domestic company to do business; requirements; when may begin business
bullet [299.045]:  Subsequent licensure of assessment or cooperative life insurance companies prohibited
bullet [299.050]:  Guaranty fund; creation; investments; deposit of securities; use of fund; rights of holders of certificates
bullet [299.060]:  Emergency fund; creation; use; administration on discontinuance of business; reserve fund
bullet [299.070]:  Abandonment of charter by a company; period for which charter is in force
bullet [299.100]:  Annual meeting; adoption and amendment of bylaws; examination of books
bullet [299.110]:  Election of officers
bullet [299.120]:  Annual statement of condition
bullet [299.130]:  Application, rule or bylaw referred to as having bearing on contract must accompany policy; use as evidence; type size
bullet [299.140]:  Policy to state contract for payment; limit of amount; liability for payment
bullet [299.150]:  Insurable age; insurable interest; change of beneficiary
bullet [299.160]:  Notice of assessment; classification of expense
bullet [299.170]:  Examination of policyholder claiming benefits
bullet [299.180]:  Suspension of company from doing business on failure to pay loss; impounding of collections
bullet [299.190]:  Investigation and action against company failing to pay loss; court to close business and appoint receiver
bullet [299.200]:  Liability of officers of company failing to levy assessment to pay death claim
bullet [299.210]:  Reinsurance
bullet [299.215]:  Fees of Department of Insurance
bullet [299.220]:  Assessment or cooperative life or casualty company may change to stock or mutual plan
bullet [299.230]:  Meeting to change form of company; notice; vote necessary to change
bullet [299.240]:  Fixing amount and shares of capital stock; sale of stock
bullet [299.250]:  Requirements for reorganized company to begin business
bullet [299.260]:  Types of insurance that may be written by a reorganized company
bullet [299.270]:  Directors of reorganized company; election; powers
bullet [299.280]:  Handling of assessment policies previously written
bullet [299.290]:  Use of surplus of former company; assets and liabilities
bullet [299.300]:  Ascertainment and payment of interest of policyholders dissenting to change; additional reserve fund
bullet [299.310]:  Organization of assessment or cooperative company to write certain insurance other than life; membership; preliminary bond
bullet [299.320]:  Authorization to do business; requirements
bullet [299.330]:  Territory in which company may do business; change; removal of office
bullet [299.340]:  Directors and officers; election; term of office; powers of directors; quorum; bonds
bullet [299.350]:  Annual meeting; votes; bylaws; books
bullet [299.360]:  Classification of insured property; separation of risks
bullet [299.370]:  Reserve fund; source; use; investment
bullet [299.380]:  Issuance of policies; amount of single risk limited by total insurance in force
bullet [299.390]:  Assessment contact; lien; notice and adjustment of loss
bullet [299.400]:  Collection and use of membership or policy fees; levy and collection of assessments
bullet [299.410]:  Notice of assessment; form and service
bullet [299.420]:  Maximum liability of policyholders for assessments
bullet [299.430]:  Action to collect unpaid assessments; exclusion of policyholder; refund
bullet [299.440]:  Withdrawal of member; admission of members after organization
bullet [299.450]:  Annual statement of condition
bullet [299.460]:  Examination of companies by commissioner; action against violators
bullet [299.470]:  Companies organized under a special charter
bullet [299.480]:  Organization of a reinsurance company by mutual or assessment and cooperative fire insurance companies
bullet [299.490]:  Admission and withdrawal of member companies of reinsurance company
bullet [299.500]:  Policies of reinsurance; rates; directors; liability of member companies; limitation of risks
bullet [299.510]:  Reinsurance of risks by mutual or assessment and cooperative fire insurance companies
bullet [299.520]:  Filing of copies of reinsurance contracts with the commissioner; inspection
bullet [299.530]:  Annual report on reinsurance premiums; tax on premiums paid to unauthorized companies
bullet [299.540]:  Fees of Department of Insurance
bullet [299.550]:  Change to mutual plan of company writing insurance other than life
bullet [299.990]:  Penalties

CHAPTER 304 Insurance Code
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SUBTITLE 1 Scope; General Definitions And Provisions
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bullet [304.1-010]:  Contents of chapter
bullet [304.1-020]:  'Person' defined
bullet [304.1-030]:  'Insurance' defined
bullet [304.1-040]:  'Insurer' defined
bullet [304.1-050]:  'Commissioner' and 'department' defined
bullet [304.1-060]:  'State' defined
bullet [304.1-070]:  'Domestic,' 'foreign,' 'alien' insurer defined
bullet [304.1-080]:  'Domicile' defined
bullet [304.1-090]:  'Principal office' defined
bullet [304.1-100]:  'Authorized,' 'unauthorized' insurer defined
bullet [304.1-110]:  'Certificate of authority,' 'license' defined
bullet [304.1-120]:  Application of code to particular types of organizations
bullet [304.1-130]:  Particular provisions prevail
bullet [304.1-140]:  Captions not to affect meaning
bullet [304.1-150]:  'Subtitle' defined
bullet [304.1-160]:  Existing license
bullet [304.1-170]:  Existing or filed insurance forms
bullet [304.1-180]:  Existing actions and violations
bullet [304.1-190]:  No civil liability for furnishing information to law enforcement authorities concerning designated matters

SUBTITLE 2 Insurance Commissioner
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bullet [304.2-010]:  Department of Insurance continued
bullet [304.2-020]:  Commissioner of insurance; appointment, term; divisions within department
bullet [304.2-030]:  Commissioner's oath; bond
bullet [304.2-040]:  Official seal
bullet [304.2-050]:  Documents under seal
bullet [304.2-060]:  Appointment of deputies
bullet [304.2-063]:  Consumer Protection Division
bullet [304.2-065]:  Early warning analyst
bullet [304.2-070]:  Independent technical, professional services
bullet [304.2-080]:  Prohibited interest, rewards
bullet [304.2-090]:  Delegation of powers
bullet [304.2-100]:  General powers and duties of commissioner
bullet [304.2-105]:  Commissioner's authority to extend in-state insurance activity to match that of federally regulated financial institutions
bullet [304.2-110]:  Rules and regulations
bullet [304.2-120]:  Orders and notices in general; service
bullet [304.2-130]:  Enforcement
bullet [304.2-140]:  Penalties for violations
bullet [304.2-150]:  Records; inspection; destruction; subject to Open Records Act
bullet [304.2-160]:  Complaints
bullet [304.2-165]:  Complaints regarding health insurer; other authority of commissioner
bullet [304.2-170]:  Official documents, reproductions, and certified copies; use as evidence
bullet [304.2-190]:  Publications; sale
bullet [304.2-195]:  Interstate compacts for issuing certificates of authority
bullet [304.2-200]:  Interstate cooperation
bullet [304.2-205]:  Annual statement convention blank; immunity from prosecution
bullet [304.2-210]:  Examination of insurers
bullet [304.2-220]:  Examination of holding companies, subsidiaries, agents, promoters and others
bullet [304.2-230]:  Conduct of examination; immunity for examiners; access to records; corrections; penalty
bullet [304.2-240]:  Appraisal of asset
bullet [304.2-250]:  Examination reports; contents; prima facie evidence in certain proceedings; confidentiality
bullet [304.2-260]:  Examination reports; distribution; hearing; order of commissioner; confidentiality; public inspection; regulatory action
bullet [304.2-270]:  Examination report of domestic insurer; confidential nature; limited disclosure
bullet [304.2-280]:  Examiners; qualifications
bullet [304.2-290]:  Examination expense
bullet [304.2-300]:  Examination expense revolving fund
bullet [304.2-310]:  Administrative procedures; hearings
bullet [304.2-320]:  Notice of hearing
bullet [304.2-340]:  Witnesses and evidence
bullet [304.2-350]:  Testimony compelled; immunity from prosecution
bullet [304.2-360]:  Order on hearing
bullet [304.2-370]:  Appeal from the commissioner
bullet [304.2-400]:  Insurance regulatory trust fund; use
bullet [304.2-410]:  Investment of insurance regulatory trust fund
bullet [304.2-420]:  Transfer of funds to insurance regulatory trust fund to cover deficiency
bullet [304.2-430]:  Payment of expenses of department from general fund; reimbursement
bullet [304.2-440]:  Assessment of insurers

SUBTITLE 3 Authorization of Insurers And General Requirements
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bullet [304.3-010]:  'Stock' insurer defined
bullet [304.3-020]:  'Mutual' insurer defined
bullet [304.3-025]:  'Combined stock and mutual life' insurer defined
bullet [304.3-030]:  'Reciprocal' insurer defined
bullet [304.3-040]:  'Lloyd's Plan' insurer defined
bullet [304.3-050]:  'Charter' defined
bullet [304.3-060]:  Exceptions to certificate of authority requirement
bullet [304.3-070]:  Eligibility for certificate of authority
bullet [304.3-080]:  General eligibility for certificate of authority; ownership; management
bullet [304.3-090]:  General eligibility for certificate of authority; prior operation
bullet [304.3-100]:  Name of insurer
bullet [304.3-110]:  Combinations of insuring powers, one insurer
bullet [304.3-120]:  Capital funds required; amount of surplus required
bullet [304.3-125]:  Authority for commissioner to require additional capital and surplus
bullet [304.3-140]:  Deposit requirement in general
bullet [304.3-150]:  Application for certificate of authority
bullet [304.3-160]:  Issuance; refusal of authority; ownership of certificate
bullet [304.3-170]:  Amended certificate of authority
bullet [304.3-180]:  Continuance, expiration, and reinstatement of certificate of authority; preparation of audited financial statements
bullet [304.3-190]:  Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; mandatory grounds
bullet [304.3-200]:  Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; discretionary and special grounds
bullet [304.3-210]:  Order, notice of suspension or revocation; publication; effect upon agents' authority
bullet [304.3-220]:  Duration of suspension; insurer's obligation during suspension period; reinstatement
bullet [304.3-230]:  Service of process on insurers; Secretary of State as attorney for service of process
bullet [304.3-240]:  Annual and quarterly financial statement; penalty for noncompliance; publication of financial statement prepared on a different basis
bullet [304.3-241]:  Accounting practices and procedures for annual and quarterly statements
bullet [304.3-242]:  Property and casualty insurers to annually submit statement of actuarial opinion and supporting documentation; opinion to be available for public inspection; confidentiality of supporting documentation; exemptions to filing requirement
bullet [304.3-270]:  Retaliatory provision
bullet [304.3-280]:  Effect of provision limiting or excluding insurer's obligation to pay claim of insured eligible for medical assistance
bullet [304.3-320]:  Guaranty fund deposit by foreign insurers may be required by commissioner
bullet [304.3-330]:  Reports of past-due loans and loans in foreclosure to early warning analyst
bullet [304.3-400]:  Definitions for KRS 304.3-400 to 304.3-430
bullet [304.3-405]:  Parties subject to KRS 304.3-400 to 304.3-430
bullet [304.3-410]:  Applicability; contract between insurer and controlling producer; audit committees; reporting requirements
bullet [304.3-415]:  Notice to prospective insured disclosing relationship between producer and controlled insurer; exceptions
bullet [304.3-420]:  Authority of commissioner; actions
bullet [304.3-425]:  Compliance date
bullet [304.3-430]:  Short title for KRS 304.3-400 to 304.3-430
bullet [304.3-500]:  Definitions for KRS 304.3-500 to 304.3-570
bullet [304.3-510]:  Licensing of controlling agent; evidence of financial responsibility
bullet [304.3-520]:  Contract between insurer and controlling agent; minimum provisions; prohibited activities
bullet [304.3-530]:  Duties and responsibilities of insured and controlling agent
bullet [304.3-540]:  Acts of controlling agent; examination by commissioner
bullet [304.3-550]:  Penalties
bullet [304.3-560]:  Administrative regulations
bullet [304.3-570]:  Short title for KRS 304.3-500 to 304.3-570
bullet [304.3-600]:  Definitions for KRS 304.3-600 to 304.3-635 and 304.99-055.(Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-605]:  Application of KRS 304.3-600 to 304.3-635 and 304.99-055.(Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-610]:  Maintenance of risk management framework.(Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-615]:  Regular Own Risk and Solvency Assessments required; exception; frequency (Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-620]:  Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Summary Report or combination of reports; when required; contents; signature (Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-625]:  Exemption from requirements of KRS 304.3-600 to 304.3-635 and 304.99-055; conditions (Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-630]:  Reporting to comply with ORSA Guidance Manual. (Effective January 1, 2015)
bullet [304.3-635]:  ORSA Summary Report and other information confidential, privileged, and exempt from Open Records Act and private civil action subpoena, discovery, and testimony; powers of commissioner (Effective January 1, 2015)

SUBTITLE 4 Fees And Taxes
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bullet [304.4-010]:  Fees to be prescribed by administrative regulation; time prescribed if fees remitted by electronic submission
bullet [304.4-020]:  Payment of funds collected under KRS 304.4-010 into State Treasury
bullet [304.4-030]:  Tax as to unauthorized reinsurance
bullet [304.4-040]:  Revocation of authority for failure to pay

SUBTITLE 5 Kinds of Insurance; Limits of Risk; Reinsurance
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bullet [304.5-010]:  Definitions not mutually exclusive
bullet [304.5-020]:  'Life insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-030]:  'Annuity' defined
bullet [304.5-040]:  'Health insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-050]:  'Property insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-060]:  'Surety insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-070]:  'Casualty insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-080]:  Inland marine and transportation, 'wet' marine insurance defined
bullet [304.5-090]:  'Title insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-100]:  'Mortgage guaranty insurance' defined
bullet [304.5-110]:  'Multiple line' insurers
bullet [304.5-120]:  Limits of risks
bullet [304.5-130]:  'Reinsurance' defined
bullet [304.5-140]:  Reinsurance
bullet [304.5-150]:  Reinsurance treaties and contracts
bullet [304.5-155]:  Insurers authorized to reinsure; applicability of section
bullet [304.5-160]:  Health insurance and health care contracts not to cover elective abortions except by optional rider

SUBTITLE 6 Assets And Liabilities
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bullet [304.6-005]:  'Accounting practices and procedures manual' and 'SSAP' defined
bullet [304.6-010]:  'Assets' defined
bullet [304.6-020]:  Assets not allowed
bullet [304.6-030]:  Use of 'wash' transactions; penalty
bullet [304.6-040]:  Liabilities, in general
bullet [304.6-050]:  Unearned premium reserve
bullet [304.6-060]:  Unearned premium reserve for marine and transportation insurance
bullet [304.6-070]:  Health insurance policy reserves
bullet [304.6-080]:  Title insurance reserves
bullet [304.6-090]:  Mortgage guaranty insurer to maintain statutory contingency reserve; release
bullet [304.6-100]:  Loss reserves; casualty insurance
bullet [304.6-110]:  Loss reserve; mortgage guaranty insurance
bullet [304.6-120]:  Short title
bullet [304.6-130]:  Calculation of reserve liabilities, annual valuation
bullet [304.6-140]:  Minimum standards
bullet [304.6-145]:  Minimum standards, operative dates
bullet [304.6-150]:  Commissioners reserve valuation method defined
bullet [304.6-155]:  Annuity and endowment contracts other than group annuity
bullet [304.6-160]:  Amount of aggregate reserves
bullet [304.6-170]:  Calculation of reserves
bullet [304.6-171]:  Requirement for actuarial opinion as to appropriate computation of reserves and related items and compliance with state law
bullet [304.6-180]:  Deficiency reserve; recognition of premium deficiency reserve
bullet [304.6-190]:  Appraisals for mortgage loans

SUBTITLE 7 Investments
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bullet [304.7-010]:  Scope of subtitle
bullet [304.7-012]:  Definitions
bullet [304.7-014]:  Application; investments that may be acquired and held as admitted assets; computation of limitations based on admitted assets; documentation; agreements to purchase securities in advance of their issuance; order to limit investment practice
bullet [304.7-240]:  Special investments of pension, retirement or profit sharing plan, life insurance, or annuity funds; specified separate accounts of insurer
bullet [304.7-250]:  Special investments of title insurers
bullet [304.7-263]:  Venture capital funds or pools
bullet [304.7-280]:  Conversion and incidental rights
bullet [304.7-320]:  Protective agreements and reorganization securities
bullet [304.7-330]:  Investments of foreign insurers
bullet [304.7-350]:  Valuation of assets
bullet [304.7-360]:  Definitions; deposits allowed; commingling of certain securities; records; rules and regulations
bullet [304.7-361]:  Duties of insurer's board of directors
bullet [304.7-363]:  Prohibited actions of insurers
bullet [304.7-365]:  Transactions in which officer or director of insurer has a financial interest
bullet [304.7-367]:  Administrative regulations
bullet [304.7-401]:  Application of KRS 304.7-401 to 304.7-423
bullet [304.7-403]:  Limits on investments
bullet [304.7-405]:  Rated credit instruments
bullet [304.7-407]:  Investment pools
bullet [304.7-409]:  Equity interests in business entities
bullet [304.7-411]:  Tangible personal property or equity interests acquired through partnerships, joint ventures, trust certificates, and similar instruments
bullet [304.7-413]:  Permitted acquisitions; loan-to-value ratio; exemption for certain mortgage loans and credit lease transactions; real estate; ratios relating to aggregate amount of investments
bullet [304.7-415]:  Securities lending, repurchase, reverse repurchase, and dollar roll transactions
bullet [304.7-417]:  Foreign investments and foreign currency transactions
bullet [304.7-419]:  Derivative transactions; hedging; income generation; counterparty exposure amounts
bullet [304.7-421]:  Loans on security of cash surrender value of life insurance policies
bullet [304.7-423]:  Investment practices that are allowed without regard to limitations of this subtitle
bullet [304.7-451]:  Application of KRS 304.7-451 to 304.7-473
bullet [304.7-453]:  Asset and reserve requirements; reconciliation and summary; Commissioner's actions if insurer is not in compliance
bullet [304.7-455]:  Limitations on investments that are guaranteed by a single person; investments in certain rating categories; Canadian investments
bullet [304.7-457]:  Rated credit investments
bullet [304.7-459]:  Investment pools
bullet [304.7-461]:  Equity interests in business entities
bullet [304.7-463]:  Tangible personal property or equity interests acquired through partnerships, joint ventures, trust certificates, and similar instruments
bullet [304.7-465]:  Permitted acquisitions; loan-to-value ratio; exemptions for certain mortgage loans and credit release transactions; real estate; ratios relating to aggregate amount of investments
bullet [304.7-467]:  Securities lending, repurchase, reverse repurchase, and dollar roll transactions
bullet [304.7-469]:  Foreign investments and foreign currency transactions
bullet [304.7-471]:  Derivative transactions; hedging; income generation; counterparty exposure amounts
bullet [304.7-473]:  Investment practices that are allowed without regard to limitations of KRS 304.7-451 to 304.7-473

SUBTITLE 8 Administration of Deposits
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bullet [304.8-010]:  Deposits of insurers
bullet [304.8-020]:  Deposits to be for benefit of policyholders, creditors, and states
bullet [304.8-030]:  Assets eligible for deposit
bullet [304.8-040]:  Home office real property as deposit
bullet [304.8-050]:  Other real property as deposit
bullet [304.8-080]:  Commonwealth not liable for safekeeping
bullet [304.8-090]:  Depositories
bullet [304.8-095]:  Deposits under trust agreement; insurer relieved of liability
bullet [304.8-100]:  Record of deposits
bullet [304.8-110]:  Inventory; certificate
bullet [304.8-120]:  Valuation; replenishment
bullet [304.8-130]:  Voluntary excess deposit
bullet [304.8-140]:  Dividends on, and exchange of deposited assets; collection by commissioner
bullet [304.8-150]:  Deposit of reserves by domestic life insurers
bullet [304.8-160]:  Levy upon deposit
bullet [304.8-170]:  Release of deposit
bullet [304.8-180]:  Access to and removal of deposits
bullet [304.8-190]:  Payments into examination expense revolving fund

SUBTITLE 9 Agents, Consultants, Solicitors, And Adjusters
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bullet [304.9-010]:  Application of subtitle
bullet [304.9-020]:  Definitions for subtitle
bullet [304.9-030]:  Available insurance agent licenses
bullet [304.9-035]:  Insurer liable for acts of its agents
bullet [304.9-040]:  'Consultant' defined
bullet [304.9-051]:  Definitions for KRS 304.9-052 and 304.9-371 to 304.9-377
bullet [304.9-052]:  Administrator; license requirements; service of process
bullet [304.9-080]:  Licensure requirements; forms
bullet [304.9-085]:  Managing general agent; license; duties
bullet [304.9-090]:  Exceptions to licensure requirements
bullet [304.9-100]:  Purpose of license; 'controlled business'; exceptions
bullet [304.9-105]:  General qualifications for agent license
bullet [304.9-107]:  Persons exempt from provisions of KRS 304.9-105(1)(e)1. and 2.; administrative regulations
bullet [304.9-120]:  Licensure of residents as agents
bullet [304.9-130]:  Licensing of business entities as agents
bullet [304.9-133]:  Individuals designated to act under business entity license; filing of designation notice; exercise of license; responsibility of insurer for acts of designated individuals
bullet [304.9-135]:  Requirements for financial institutions engaging in insurance agency activities; administrative regulations; activities of officers or employees of financial institution
bullet [304.9-140]:  Licensure of nonresidents as agents
bullet [304.9-150]:  Application for license issued under this subtitle, surplus lines broker license, life settlement broker license, or life settlement provider license
bullet [304.9-160]:  Examination for license; application for examination
bullet [304.9-170]:  Exemptions from prelicensing education or examination
bullet [304.9-180]:  Scope of examination; reference material
bullet [304.9-190]:  Conduct of examinations
bullet [304.9-200]:  Contents of license; change of address; refundability of fees
bullet [304.9-210]:  Specific contents of agent's and consultant's licenses
bullet [304.9-230]:  Limited line licenses; prelicensing requirements
bullet [304.9-240]:  Insurance vending machines
bullet [304.9-250]:  Authority under license; assignability
bullet [304.9-260]:  Continuation and expiration of license; receipt of renewal fees; continuing education documentation
bullet [304.9-270]:  Appointment of agents; criminal background check; continuation; permitted and prohibited actions by agents and insurers
bullet [304.9-280]:  Termination of licensee's appointment; notice requirements; civil immunity; confidential and privileged information; commissioner's use of information
bullet [304.9-290]:  Rights of agent following termination of appointment
bullet [304.9-295]:  Biennial continuing education requirements for licensed agents and independent and public adjusters; exceptions; courses; number of hours; failure to complete; penalty
bullet [304.9-300]:  Temporary license as agent; conditions; sponsor may be required
bullet [304.9-310]:  Temporay licenses; rights and limitations
bullet [304.9-320]:  Qualifications for license as consultant; coverage of consultant license
bullet [304.9-330]:  Consultant to file proof of liability insurance; consultant's deposit of cash or bond
bullet [304.9-350]:  Compensation of agent operating under a disclosure agreement; requirements
bullet [304.9-360]:  Obligation to serve interest of client
bullet [304.9-370]:  Service of process against nonresident licensee under this subtitle or surplus lines broker
bullet [304.9-371]:  Written agreement of administrator
bullet [304.9-372]:  Payments to administrator
bullet [304.9-373]:  Books and records maintained by administrator; access by commissioner
bullet [304.9-374]:  Administrator's use of advertising
bullet [304.9-375]:  Fiduciary accounts
bullet [304.9-376]:  Claims paid on behalf of insurer; compensation of administrator
bullet [304.9-377]:  Written notice to insureds when administrator's services utilized
bullet [304.9-390]:  Place of agent's business; display of licenses; records
bullet [304.9-400]:  Reporting and accounting for premiums
bullet [304.9-410]:  Exchange of business; excess or rejected risks; regulation of volume of business by commissioner
bullet [304.9-421]:  Sharing of commissions prohibited
bullet [304.9-425]:  Payment or acceptance of commission, brokerage, or other valuable consideration; exception
bullet [304.9-430]:  Independent, staff, or public adjuster's license; application by individual or business entity; qualifications; evidence of financial responsibility; exceptions to license requirement; temporary emergency registration following catastrophe; nonresident license
bullet [304.9-432]:  Apprentice adjuster; license; rights and limitations; application; qualifications; terms and conditions
bullet [304.9-433]:  Contract between public adjuster and insured; contents; duties of public adjuster
bullet [304.9-435]:  Records to be maintained by public adjusters
bullet [304.9-436]:  Authorized insurer prohibited from doing business in Kentucky with unlicensed adjuster or administrator
bullet [304.9-440]:  Probation, suspension, revocation, and refusal of license; grounds; penalty
bullet [304.9-450]:  Procedure following suspension, revocation, nonrenewal, or denial of license
bullet [304.9-460]:  Return of license to commissioner
bullet [304.9-465]:  Denial or suspension of license or appointment; conditional license; hearing
bullet [304.9-467]:  Notification of surrender or termination of license; report of administrative action; notification of service of complaint or indictment; documentation of resolution
bullet [304.9-470]:  Prohibited practices in replacement or repair of automobile glass; penalties
bullet [304.9-475]:  Travel insurance offered by travel retailer on behalf of limited lines travel insurance producer; requirements
bullet [304.9-495]:  Definitions for KRS 304.9-495 to 304.9-497
bullet [304.9-496]:  Operator of self-service storage facility may offer and sell insurance on behalf of a limited lines self-service storage space insurance producer; conditions; producer is responsible for operator's acts.
bullet [304.9-497]:  Required written consumer protection disclosures relating to self-service storage space insurance
bullet [304.9-505]:  License for business entity to act as rental vehicle agent; registration fee and licensed managing employee for each business location; application and qualifications for license
bullet [304.9-507]:  Conditions under which license authorizes employee or representative to transact business; licensee may not hold self out as insurance agent without applicable license
bullet [304.9-509]:  Consumer protection disclosures to be included with rental vehicle agreement
bullet [304.9-511]:  Rental vehicle agent may not handle insurance that is not sold in conjunction with rental vehicle transaction
bullet [304.9-700]:  Definitions for KRS 304.9-700 to 304.9-759
bullet [304.9-705]:  Reinsurance intermediary license required; exemption
bullet [304.9-710]:  Written authorization between reinsurance intermediary broker and an insurer
bullet [304.9-715]:  Records of transactions of reinsurance intermediary brokers
bullet [304.9-720]:  Insurers required to engage services of only licensed reinsurance intermediary brokers
bullet [304.9-725]:  Minimum contract provisions
bullet [304.9-730]:  Certain actions by reinsurance intermediary managers prohibited
bullet [304.9-735]:  Reinsurers required to engage services of only licensed reinsurance managers
bullet [304.9-740]:  Examination of reinsurance intermediaries
bullet [304.9-745]:  Suspension or revocation of license; imposition of penalties
bullet [304.9-750]:  Administrative regulations
bullet [304.9-759]:  Short title for KRS 304.9-700 to 304.9-759
bullet [304.9-780]:  Portable electronics insurance retailer license; duties of supervising entity; qualifications and application for license; penalties
bullet [304.9-782]:  Conditions under which license authorizes employee or representative to sell portable electronics insurance; restrictions on licensees
bullet [304.9-784]:  Duty to disclose information regarding portable electronics insurance coverage; standards; billing and collection of charges; notice and correspondence

SUBTITLE 10 Surplus Lines
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bullet [304.10-010]:  Short title
bullet [304.10-020]:  Exemptions from Surplus Lines Law
bullet [304.10-030]:  Definitions for Subtitle 10
bullet [304.10-040]:  Conditions for export; exceptions relating to diligent effort
bullet [304.10-050]:  Broker's affidavit
bullet [304.10-060]:  Open lines for export
bullet [304.10-070]:  Eligible surplus lines insurers
bullet [304.10-080]:  Evidence of the insurance; changes; penalty
bullet [304.10-090]:  Indorsement of contract
bullet [304.10-100]:  Surplus lines insurance valid
bullet [304.10-110]:  Liability of insurer as to losses and unearned premiums
bullet [304.10-120]:  Licensing of surplus lines brokers; reciprocity; termination
bullet [304.10-130]:  Suspension or revocation of broker's license
bullet [304.10-140]:  Broker's evidence of financial responsibility and bond
bullet [304.10-150]:  May accept business from agents
bullet [304.10-160]:  Records of broker
bullet [304.10-170]:  Quarterly statement of broker
bullet [304.10-180]:  Taxes on surplus lines
bullet [304.10-200]:  Legal process against surplus lines insurer
bullet [304.10-210]:  Rules and regulations
bullet [304.10-400]:  Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact

SUBTITLE 11 Unauthorized Insurers; Prohibitions And Process
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bullet [304.11-010]:  Short title
bullet [304.11-020]:  Unauthorized Insurer's Law; exemptions
bullet [304.11-030]:  Prohibition of unauthorized insurance business; applicability of law; liability of person acting as agent; commissioner's power to enjoin
bullet [304.11-040]:  Service of process on unauthorized persons doing acts of insurance business in Kentucky; requirements for defense of action; reports to commissioner required
bullet [304.11-042]:  Disclosure agreement for compensation received by an agent from an insurer or client for placement of insurance and service rendered to client
bullet [304.11-045]:  Jurisdiction over providers of health care benefits
bullet [304.11-050]:  Premium tax on unauthorized insurer

SUBTITLE 12 Trade Practices And Frauds
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bullet [304.12-010]:  Unfair competition; unfair, deceptive practices prohibited
bullet [304.12-013]:  Prohibited unfair or deceptive practices in the writing of insurance
bullet [304.12-020]:  Advertisements in general
bullet [304.12-030]:  Replacement life insurance; 'twisting' prohibited
bullet [304.12-035]:  Beneficiaries' Bill of Rights
bullet [304.12-040]:  False financial statements
bullet [304.12-050]:  Advertisement of assets, liabilities
bullet [304.12-060]:  Defamation
bullet [304.12-070]:  Boycott, coercion and intimidation
bullet [304.12-080]:  Unfair discrimination prohibited
bullet [304.12-085]:  Denial of insurance because of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex prohibited; genetic tests
bullet [304.12-090]:  Rebates prohibited
bullet [304.12-100]:  Exceptions to discrimination and rebate prohibition
bullet [304.12-110]:  Illegal inducements prohibited
bullet [304.12-112]:  Prohibition against advertising, offering, or providing free insurance concerning consumer goods or related services
bullet [304.12-120]:  Desist order for defined or prohibited practices
bullet [304.12-130]:  Curtailment of undefined practices
bullet [304.12-140]:  Coercion in requiring insurance
bullet [304.12-150]:  Notice of free choice of agent or insurer
bullet [304.12-160]:  Certain fees for handling insurance transactions in connection with loans prohibited
bullet [304.12-180]:  Interlocking ownership, management
bullet [304.12-190]:  Illegal dealing in premiums
bullet [304.12-200]:  Insurer name; deceptive use prohibited
bullet [304.12-211]:  Domestic violence and abuse as reason for insurer's limitation or denial of coverage
bullet [304.12-215]:  Discrimination on basis of blindness prohibited; application
bullet [304.12-220]:  Definition
bullet [304.12-230]:  Unfair claims settlement practices
bullet [304.12-235]:  Time of payment of claims
bullet [304.12-240]:  Regulations relating to payment and disclosure by life insurers when funds are used for preneed funeral contracts or prearrangements
bullet [304.12-250]:  Exclusion of work-related health condition as unfair or deceptive trade practice for health insurance policies
bullet [304.12-255]:  Refusal to provide requested Medicaid information as unfair or deceptive trade practice for health insurer or administrator
bullet [304.12-257]:  Administrative regulations to protect Armed Forces service members from dishonest and predatory insurance sales practices
bullet [304.12-260]:  Prohibition against refusal of liability insurer to pay on policy for school's posting of Ten Commandments
bullet [304.12-270]:  Prohibited actions in connection with rental reimbursement coverage under automobile insurance policy
bullet [304.12-275]:  Claimant's right to repair facility of choice; appraisal of damaged vehicle to include notice of right to choose; exemption

SUBTITLE 13 Rates And Rating Organizations
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bullet [304.13-011]:  Definitions for subtitle
bullet [304.13-021]:  Scope of KRS 304.13-011 to 304.13-161
bullet [304.13-031]:  Rate standards in noncompetitive market
bullet [304.13-041]:  Monitoring market competition
bullet [304.13-051]:  Filing rates and rate information; when filing becomes effective
bullet [304.13-053]:  Filing procedures for rates for use after December 31, 1998
bullet [304.13-055]:  Reduction of rates effective upon filing
bullet [304.13-057]:  Rates based on Kentucky experience
bullet [304.13-058]:  Rate increases to apply prospectively
bullet [304.13-061]:  Information that may support rate filing; administrative regulations on recording and reporting rates and other information
bullet [304.13-063]:  Automobile liability and physical damage insurance provision for reduction in premium charges
bullet [304.13-065]:  Premium reductions for motor vehicles eqipped with antitheft device
bullet [304.13-071]:  Disapproval of rates and rate filings
bullet [304.13-075]:  Exceptions to insurer's use of credit information
bullet [304.13-081]:  Filings open to inspection; consumer information system
bullet [304.13-091]:  License for advisory organization, statistical agent, or form provider; refusal to supply services; application for license; fees
bullet [304.13-100]:  Excess rates
bullet [304.13-111]:  Advisory organization or statistical agent activities prohibited
bullet [304.13-121]:  Authorized activities for advisory organizations
bullet [304.13-131]:  Insurer and advisory organization activities prohibited
bullet [304.13-141]:  Examination of insurers, pools, advisory organizations, statistical agents, form providers, residual market, and joint underwriting organizations
bullet [304.13-151]:  Insurer participation in pools, joint underwriting, joint reinsurance pools, and residual market mechanisms
bullet [304.13-161]:  Review of appliation of rating system to an insured; appeal to commissioner; notification of review rights to workers' compensation insureds
bullet [304.13-163]:  Authorized activities for statistical agents
bullet [304.13-165]:  Information to be filed by advisory organization
bullet [304.13-167]:  Workers' compensation insurers; uniform classification and experience rating systems; reporting; subclassifications, rating plans, and other variations from manual rules; credit for drug-free workplace program
bullet [304.13-169]:  Withholding information or giving false information
bullet [304.13-171]:  Property or casualty insurance policy underwriting fee; requirement for prior approval
bullet [304.13-320]:  Penalty for violation
bullet [304.13-335]:  Certain rates to be based on Kentucky experience
bullet [304.13-340]:  Phase-out of Workers' Compensation Insurance Plan; transfer of insureds to Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority
bullet [304.13-350]:  Functions of commissioner
bullet [304.13-355]:  Appeal of fire protection classification
bullet [304.13-360]:  Investigatory powers of the commissioner
bullet [304.13-365]:  Hearing; final orders
bullet [304.13-370]:  Increase in fire insurance premiums prohibited until the running of the appeal period or until approval by the board of the classification assigned
bullet [304.13-380]:  Reports of fire calls by fire departments; monthly summaries to be sent to commissioner
bullet [304.13-390]:  Failure of insurer to report losses from fire to state fire marshal; notification to commissioner; penalty
bullet [304.13-400]:  Deductible workers' compensation policy
bullet [304.13-410]:  Premium reduction for deductible workers' compensation policy
bullet [304.13-412]:  Worker's compensation premium; credit for certified drug-free workplace program at coal mine
bullet [304.13-415]:  Experience modification factor for workers' compensation; written explanation to workers' compensation policyholders; authority for administrative regulations
bullet [304.13-420]:  Financial responsibility requirement

SUBTITLE 14 The Insurance Contract
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bullet [304.14-010]:  Scope of subtitle
bullet [304.14-020]:  'Policy' defined
bullet [304.14-030]:  'Premium' defined; 'late charge' authorized
bullet [304.14-040]:  Insurable interest
bullet [304.14-050]:  Insurable interest; exception when certain institutions designated beneficiary
bullet [304.14-060]:  Insurable interest, property
bullet [304.14-070]:  Power to contract; puchase of insurance by minors
bullet [304.14-080]:  Consent of insured; life, health insurance
bullet [304.14-085]:  Violation of insurable interest for person without insurable interest to pay premiums on life insurance in exchange for ownership in death benefit
bullet [304.14-090]:  Alteration of application
bullet [304.14-100]:  Application as evidence
bullet [304.14-110]:  Representations in applications
bullet [304.14-120]:  Filing and approval of forms
bullet [304.14-130]:  Grounds for disapproval
bullet [304.14-135]:  Uniform health insurance claim forms
bullet [304.14-140]:  Standard provisions, in general
bullet [304.14-150]:  Contents of policies in general
bullet [304.14-160]:  Additional policy contents
bullet [304.14-170]:  Charter, bylaw provisions
bullet [304.14-180]:  Must contain entire contract; exception concerning additional benefits
bullet [304.14-190]:  Execution of policies
bullet [304.14-200]:  Underwriters' and combination policies
bullet [304.14-210]:  Validity and construction of noncomplying forms
bullet [304.14-220]:  Binders
bullet [304.14-230]:  Delivery of policy
bullet [304.14-240]:  Renewal of policy
bullet [304.14-250]:  Assignability; rights of insurer, assignee
bullet [304.14-260]:  Payment discharges insurer
bullet [304.14-270]:  Forms for proof of loss furnished
bullet [304.14-280]:  Claims administration not waiver
bullet [304.14-290]:  Dividends payable to real party
bullet [304.14-300]:  Exemptions of proceeds, life insurance
bullet [304.14-310]:  Exemption of proceeds, helath insurance
bullet [304.14-320]:  Exemption of proceeds, group insurance
bullet [304.14-330]:  Exemption of proceeds, annuity contracts; assignability of rights
bullet [304.14-340]:  Rights of married women in life insurance
bullet [304.14-350]:  Retention of proceeds of policy by company
bullet [304.14-360]:  Construction of policies
bullet [304.14-370]:  Jurisdiction of courts, limitation of actions
bullet [304.14-375]:  Time limit for seeking reimbusement of health insurance overpayment
bullet [304.14-380]:  Venue of suits against insurers
bullet [304.14-400]:  Interest on payment from insuring company
bullet [304.14-410]:  User by insurer of itemized statement furnished to paying patient prohibited
bullet [304.14-420]:  Minimum standards regulations
bullet [304.14-430]:  Policy cover sheet; commissioner approval
bullet [304.14-435]:  English language requirement for forms, policy, and claim-related information; requirements for non-English version; use and effect of translations
bullet [304.14-440]:  Policies to be readable; factors to be considered
bullet [304.14-450]:  Policies to be legible; factors to be considered; type face style approved by commissioner
bullet [304.14-500]:  Definitions for KRS 304.14-510 to 304.14-550
bullet [304.14-510]:  Minimum standards regulations
bullet [304.14-520]:  Claim denial restriction
bullet [304.14-530]:  Regulations establishing minimum standards for loss ratios
bullet [304.14-540]:  Outline of coverage to be delivered to applicant
bullet [304.14-545]:  Cancellation of Medicare supplement; return of unearned premium
bullet [