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Markets of Last Resort

The Kentucky Automobile Insurance Plan (KAIP) was created in 1948 to provide auto insurance coverage required by law to consumers and commercial entities unable to obtain the required coverage through the regular market. Eligible risks are shared among admitted insurers. Any agent can submit an application. More information about KAIP can be found here or by calling any agent licensed in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan was established pursuant to KRS Chapter 304.35.  It operates as an insurance company by making homeowners and other property insurance available to property owners who are unable to buy insurance through the regular market.  The Kentucky FAIR Plan offers several policy options. More information about KAIP is available here or by calling any agent licensed in Kentucky.

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance (KEMI) was established by legislation in 1994 and is a competitor in the Kentucky workers' compensation market. KEMI also serves as the workers' compensation market of last resort. More information about KEMI can be found here or by calling 800-640-5364 or 859-425-7800.

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