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Consumer Rate Information

How does Kentucky review health insurance rate increases?

Kentucky is one of several states with a successful rate review process currently in place. The Kentucky Department of Insurance oversees any changes requested by the insurer based on current state guidelines set forth in statutes and regulations. Insurers offering a health benefit plan in any of the following market segments must submit a rate filing to the Department before rates may be used:

  • association
  • individual
  • small group
  • large group

Health insurance costs are rising rapidly, and as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Kentucky has been awarded a federal grant to enhance its rate review process and to improve the transparency of the rate review procedures. PPACA states that additional requirements be met whenever an insurer requests a double-digit cumulative increase for all health insurance products. As a result, all states were given an opportunity to apply for grant funds to update or create their current rate review processes. 

The Kentucky Department of Insurance reviews rates for any changes regardless of the incremental increase. The goal of this grant is to provide states with the extra funding needed to improve consumer protections and transparency in individual and group health insurance through rate reviews.   

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